from Pro Danza Italia/USA Workshop alums! 


(photo by Arnaldo di Vittorio)


"An absolutely amazing experience."
BIANCA FRIAS, Bard College

“Pro Danza Italia was a magnificent dance experience. The dancers created an atmosphere filled with creativity, support and love. The instructors were extremely insightful and their Guidance helped me understand how to truly develop my choreography into something meaningful. It was a fantastic summer!”
YAEL NACHAJON – Princeton University

“Immersing oneself in a different culture is something that everyone should do, and for me there was no better way to do it than through dance and Pro Danza Italia/USA.”
ASHLEIGH PENROD - Gustavus Adolphus College

“So now I know the glorious experience that is Pro Danza Italia!”
ELISABETH HOFFMAN – Dartmouth College

“The more the days go by, the more I feel it was like a dream that I was dancing in Tuscany.
I love dancing. I love it even more after dancing in Castiglioncello with Pro Danza Italia.”

SABRINA PAOLETTI - Professional dancer, choreographer & teacher - Novara, Italy

“I liked how Pro Danza Italia gave me the opportunity to dance with dancers from all over the world and to take classes from amazing teachers who each had their own unique style. I never thought that one could feel so much at home while being so far away from it.”